I m sure that the quest of The World

  • New combat abilities for all points of the triangle.3. A magical ring. Cheap RuneScape gold New cosmetic torso gear.5. Access to a brand new Slayer area with targets that drop shiny level 85 gloves and a pet.What are the requirements to do The World Wakes?
    Combat level of 140+ to access this quest.2. Complete the quests of Ritual of the Mahjarrat, The Chosen Commander, The Void Stares Back, The Firemaker's Curse and Branches of Darkmeyer for the full rewards.3. 74 Firemaking, 80 Prayer and 70 Slayer to unlock all of the rewards.How to quickly get a high level to do the quest?I m sure that the quest of The World Wakes makes you excited because of the plenty of XP and other good rewards,
    but if you haven t reached the level requirement, or haven t completed other quests, you can not access to the quest or get the full rewards. How to quickly get a high level or a massive of Buy RuneScape gold is the common question among rs players.