'I just got married and I was going to die'

  • 'I just got married and I was going to die': Bride who almost DROWNED in 'trash-the-dress' photo shoot says she has 'no regrets' after being saved by her hero groom

    A newlywed who almost drowned after a 'trash the dress' stunt went horribly wrong has said she has no regrets about jumping into the sea in her layered white gown.

    Amy Zuno had to be rescued by her new husband, Eric, and several other people after the weight of her gown pulled her under the water for about 25 seconds.

    Despite the lighthearted ritual, which has grown increasingly popular in recent years, almost causing her to drown, Zuno from Riverside, New Jersey, said she had 'no regrets'

    Video footage of Amy Zuno's big day shows her wearing her voluminous satin dress - complete with strapless corset-style top and long train - climbing over the safety rail of a boat as she is cheered on by friends and family who are watching from nearby boats.

    She pauses for a moment on the ledge as they continue to cheer and one woman can be heard laughing and saying: 'Let's hope she doesn't sink!'

    The beautiful bride looks around a little nervously and a friend asks: 'Want me to jump in after you?' and she nods.

    Eric, wearing a white shirt and black trousers, swims to the water Amy and treads water as he waits for her to jump in.

    After a brief moment the bride lifts her arms and jumps into the water - only to immediately begin sinking.

    'I felt the weight of the dress on me. I heard screaming and people jumping into the water so then I was like, okay, maybe I just got married and I'm going to die today,' she told Inside Edition about her ordeal.

    'I don't regret it.'

    Bride jumps from boat and nearly drowns during 'trash the dress'

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    Husband Eric confessed he had started to get very worried.

    'I couldn't get the dress over the top of her head so I started to panic,' he said.

    The video show him frantically trying to lift her up but the dress was so heavy it started dragging them both down.

    The bride's submerged hair can be seen floating in the water as she continues to sink under the layers of her dress, which have risen to the surface while her increasingly frantic partner tries to bring her up so she can breathe.

    The onlookers go for cheering and laughing to becoming increasingly worried as the bride remains under the water and one woman shouts 'Grab her dress! Pull her dress up'

    A quick-thinking female friend jumps in the water to help the groom save his increasingly panicked wife, and another man wearing a t-shirt which says 'Watersports Lifeguard' also jumps in.

    The dress proves even more of a hindrance as the layers spread in the water making it hard for them to reach the woman in the wedding dress.

    One of the women in the water shouts 'help, help' and another woman jumps in and it takes five people, including the groom, to bring the bride's head to the surface so she can breathe.

    The relived crowd breathe a collective sigh of relief as one of the women shouts 'she's alright!'

    They begin cheering again and one woman shouts 'Woo! You did it Amy!'

    Despite the traumatic incident nearly killer her, the bride appears to manage a small smile before the video ends.

    The ritual of 'Trashing the Dress' sees brides pose for pictures while playfully destroying their wedding gowns.

    In 2012 Maria Pantazopoulos, a 30-year-old real estate agent, drowned while posing for trash the dress pictures in a river near Montreal.

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