Get Benefits From Effective Liposuction Treatment


    Liposuction is method in which suction technique is used to remove the fat from body. At the time of liposuction treatment thin, small, tubes are putted in by petite cuts in the skin. These tubes are responsible to throw out the Fat because doctor generally shifts the tubes roughly beneath the skin to mark definite fat deposits. In today’s time, techniques are getting improved that made the method of liposuction less painful, easier and safer.

    Here are some of the latest techniques:

    Abdominal Liposuction

      • Tumescent liposuction: In this technique a local anesthetic is used to make the part of your body insensitive where the tube is going to be inserted. After that a large quantity of anesthetic solution that has epinephrine and lidocaine in it is injected in the fatty parts of the body. Tumescent liposuction therapy does not need general anesthesia that makes you sleep during the process.
      • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction: In this technique ultrasound is used to dissolve the fat that makes it easier to take away. This technique may be mainly supportive in eliminating fat from back, sides and upper abdomen.
      • Laser-assisted liposuction: low-energy waves are used in this technique to dissolve the fat and the same is detached through a tiny cannula.

    You should understand that liposuction Houston process is the done in a suitably equipped hospital, ambulatory surgery center or doctor's office. Ordinarily, there is no need to stay overnight in the hospital after surgery unless or unless great quantity of fat is being removed. If required, Local anesthesia can be used and you may not be given a tranquilizer for relaxation.

    Most of the people are often taking the help of non-surgical liposuctionthat can give them the required body shape but it is not at all effective as compared to traditional liposuction in case, if you want to remove large amount of fat. When you are going to choose this process, you should check the associated liposuction cost first. You can go online and check how much is liposuction?

    What to Expect After Treatment

    At the end of the process, the body part where the surgery took place is gently wrapped to protect from pain, bruising, and swelling. There are varieties of firm-fitting garments that are made for different body part like special girdle, support hose, Elastic tape and bandages. It is required for patients to wrap or wear the compression garment for about 3-4 weeks. You can have a lot of swelling and bruising for minimum first 7 - 10 days.

    Why It Is Done

    The intention of doing the liposuction is not to lose the weight however it is used to reshape some part of the body to look fit. Liposuction is mainly treated on that part of the body that remains unaffected by exercise or dieting. The most common parts of the women body are hips and outer thighs while back and waist part of the men where the liposuction is required. Other common areas are upper arms, legs, buttocks, back, abdomen, neck and face.