Know About The Plasmolifting Results (Prp)

  • Plasmolifting (PRP) is an injection procedure that helps improve skin condition. It is used for rejuvenation, elimination of various defects, treatment of hair and scalp. The technique effectively fights the signs of aging: wrinkles, pigmentation, skin aging, unhealthy color. This is a quick and almost painless way to get rid of the above problems says PRP Hair Treatment, Boston.


    The world first heard about this technique in 1960. Then autohemotherapy was used - the patient’s blood was injected intramuscularly in order to improve the skin condition and strengthen the immune system. Today, platelet-rich plasma is injected into problem areas. As a result, regeneration processes are accelerated, elasticity and resilience increase. The plasma lifting service (PRP) in Boston is provided by PRP in Boston. The procedure is carried out by qualified cosmetologists with rich experience.

    How Does The Method Work?

    The essence of the method is that the patient is injected with his own plasma, saturated with platelets. They contribute to the rapid regeneration of cells and increased production of collagen fibers, which ensures smoothing of wrinkles. The skin is restored, cell division is accelerated. As a result, it becomes smoother, firmer and more well-groomed. The technique is suitable not only for the face, but also for the décolleté, hands, etc. It is also used for the scalp to improve the condition of the skin and hair, to stop the loss.

    Advantages And Features Of The Procedure In Boston

    Plasmolifting (PRP) at our PRP Boston center is an excellent alternative to surgery. It has the following advantages:

    • Exclusion of the risk of rejection and allergic reactions - for treatment use the client’s own plasma;
    • No side effects;
    • There is no long rehabilitation period;
    • Simple preparation;
    • The procedure is painless due to anesthetic;
    • The result is noticeable after the first session;
    • It can be carried out at any time of the year;
    • We use sterile medical materials;

    After Procedure

    • 2 weeks after the procedure, the zone should not sunbathe;
    • 3-7 days do not clean the face;
    • 3 days after the procedure, you cannot visit saunas, baths, pools;
    • 2-3 days to refrain from physical exertion;
    • 12 hours after the procedure, it is not recommended to apply decorative cosmetics.

    How Does The Session Pass?

    After consultation with a doctor, during which an examination is carried out and possible contraindications are excluded, the patient is taken blood and processed in a centrifuge, where the plasma is separated from it. To prevent blood clotting, an anticoagulant is added to the test tube.

    The session takes place in several stages:

    • Cleansing the skin from surface contamination and makeup (if the procedure is performed on the face);
    • Site disinfection;
    • The use of anesthesia to reduce pain;
    • A little blood is taken from the patient and the plasma is separated using a centrifuge;
    • Injection way the drug is injected into problem areas;

    The effect is noticeable after the first visit. To achieve maximum results, you need to complete the full course. Plasma triggers metabolic processes in cells. Small wrinkles are reduced, the skin becomes smooth and velvety, and the contour of the face is clearer.