Treating Varicose veins during Pregnancy!

  • It is quite common to get the varicose veins during your pregnancy. There is a possibility that your mother might also have gotten them. The venous insufficiency symptoms are usually hereditary. The hormones during Pregnancy may cause walls of the veins to become weak as well as swell. Pressure on your veins that is mainly behind your uterus even slows entire blood circulation to your heart, thereby making smaller veins in pelvis as well as in legs to swell. You are much likely to get the bluish vein or the swollen veins in legs and this is when you need to look for the natural remedies for varicose veins or you need to look for vein treatment clinic for proper treatment. But in your late pregnancy, they might even appear in the vulva, which is an area outside vagina. The Varicose veins in rectum, known as hemorrhoids, are even quite much common. Varicose veins probably will become better once you give birth to your baby, or when the pressure on veins goes away.


    venous insufficiency symptoms

    It is suggested that you should call for a Doctor if your veins feel hard, painful or they feel warm. You should also immediately call a vein dr when skin over veins appears to be red.

    Steps to follow:
    When you are facing vein problems during your pregnancy, you should consult an expert for endovenous laser ablation and it is also suggested that you should look for the below mentioned actions to be taken on a precautionary basis:

    -You should avoid standing for long time or keep sitting for quite long time. It is suggested that you should take small breaks and move around, rather than continuously sitting.

    -Also, you should not simply sit with legs crossed as this might also reduce circulation of your legs.

    -It is recommended that you should sit with feet and legs raised above the ground.

    -You should also exercise regularly to get good blood circulation, and consult with the doctor if they don’t have any issues about it for you and baby’s health.

    -You should also wear the maternity support hose. They will gently compress the lower leg veins and will assist you to move the blood back to heart.

    -You should also avoid wearing the tight socks or even the knee-highs which simply squeeze the spot at your leg. This might also slow down the blood circulation.

    -Moreover, you should try to rest or sleep on the left side as this will simply ease the pressure on your vein which is carries blood from and back to your feet and heart. It is mainly on the right side.

    Varicose veins are quite common and also harmless part usually seen during pregnancy for women. They usually happen when uterus creates some pressure to large vein which carries blood back to your heart from legs and from feet. Varicose veins might get itchy, painful or even uncomfortable.


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