What are spider veins?

  • Spider veins are very common condition that affects many people almost 50% of the adult population has spider veins. Spider veins are unusually swollen, small and damaged blood vessels that mostly appear on legs especially in females, normally this condition is painless and harmless but people may take treatment for cosmetic concerns.

    Spider veins can be blue, purple or red in colour and they appear as small fine thread like structures forming patterns of web or branches.

    The following points will explain what causes spider veins and what is the best treatment for spider veins available.


    What causes spider veins:

    1. Heredity: Heredity or family history is one of common reason behind spider veins, 70% who have spider veins reported they have seen this in their family also particularly immediate close family members like mother and father.
    2. Obesity: Gaining some extra pounds can develop spider veins around the legs because it puts pressure on the nerves and veins causing them to bulge as blood pools in the veins around the legs, due to not enough valves this condition gets even worse by the extra weight but in obese people spider veins usually doesn’t show up due to excess fat.
    3. Pregnancy: Spider veins during pregnancy are something typical and this creates panicking situation among the ladies who are in their second trimester of gestation period. Logic behind this is extra weight of baby and progesterone that makes blood vessels walls relax leading to the condition.
    4. Long duration of standing: People who are involved in the jobs that requires long standing hours such as nurses, hair stylist, receptionist, teachers and factory job are more prone for developing spider veins on legs.
    5. Blood clots: Blood clotting can also trigger the spider veins condition this can be the extremely harmful if the reason behind is blood clotting. See this as alarming symptom as because underlying health condition could be concerning.

    What are the treatments for spider veins?

    1. In this treatment, your dermatologist induces the solution in your veins through injection that closes those veins, diverging the blood flow towards the non-damaged healthier veins. After period of 15 days, treated spider veins starts fading away and gradually completely gone. This is the best treatment for spider veins if done rightly.

    Good thing about this treatment, it’s performed without anesthesia and can be done in your dermatologist’s office. Please check spider veins treatment near me to know more about the Sclerotherapy.

    1. Endovenous laser ablation.This is a type of laser therapy, done by sending strong bursts of light around the spider veins and this make them slowly fade and disappear. . No anaesthesia or surgeries are required in either procedure.

    The treatment is less popular than sclerotherapy, especially when it comes on treating the larger veins. Side effects may cause permanent skin discoloration.

    Once the spider vein treatment is done, be little patient because blood vessels fade over in couple of months. However, chances are still there of not disappearing completely. Also, new spider veins can show up on treated area.

    1. Maintain healthy weight: Keep your weight always in check to avoid spider veins as the foremost reason behind this condition is strain and weakening of veins which can happen if you put some extra pounds from your ideal weight.
    2. Workout: Workout at least 3 days in a week and try to maintain active lifestyle in general.

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