How To Treat Varicose Veins With Radiofrequency Ablation?

  • Venous deficiency does not posture significant health hazards, but the problem can be disabling along with developing pain & discomfort. The problem impacts around 50 percent of the United States populace. It generally happens in males between the ages of 60 & 80 and in females between the ages of 40 or 50. It is generally seen that women are more tend to face varicose veins signs than men due to many reasons such as pregnancy, prolonged standing & sitting, menopause, and many others. This post digs into the best treatment for varicose veins that can help alleviate the issue. Continue reading to know more.


    If varicose veins have made their way underneath your skin, you may suffer from both physical and mental distress. These defective blood vessels can cause hurting as well as pain in your legs, along with embarrassment regarding the unattractive lines. With the advancement of technology, thankfully, there are a number of varicose vein treatment options available today.

    The first step is to locate the best vein doctor in Houston who is not only trained but experienced as well in the field of vascular anatomy. Varicose veins can map blue lines under your skin because of genetics, maternity, capillary injuries, blood clots, obesity, and so on. As a result of all these different reasons for varicose veins to strike, it must come as not a surprise that an estimated 50% of all Americans suffer from some type of vein disorder, with concerning 1 in 22 people affected with varicose veins.

    These blue lines look like an outcome of defective valves in the blood vessels. Typically, flaps exist in the vessels that ensure blood moves right in the direction it is expected to. Nonetheless, for the factors noted above, these valves can lose control as well as function. This makes the blood to pool in the legs. As the blood pressure increases into these spots, it can lead to puffy blood vessels giving rise to varicose veins. This calls for the immediate attention of the vein doctor.

    How to get rid of varicose veins?

    If your varicose veins aren’t very severe, or if you catch them early, you can actually treat them with natural home remedies instead of needing to rely on medical methods. Wearing compression socks that put pressure on the legs can assist the blood flow avoiding the formation of the blood clots. Likewise, putting your feet up & elevated helps the blood to flow in the manner it is meant to be. Lastly, avoiding sitting or standing for a prolonged period of time can help due to the fact that it doesn't allow the blood to resolve right into one place. Exercising and preserving a secure weight helps secure you from this condition.

    Clinical Treatment using Radiofrequency Ablation 

    However, medical techniques are often required to take care of the varicose capillaries. These count on either falling down the puffy capillary or removing them totally with radiofrequency ablation varicose veins. Laser ablation and also radiofrequency entails putting small appliances right into the impacted varicose veins that induce them to collapse. Tiny laser fibers are used in laser ablation, while radiofrequency energy is shot right into the malfunctioning vessel during radiofrequency ablation for leg veins.

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