The Common Causes Of Restless Leg Syndrome

  • Restless leg syndrome, also known as Willis Ekbom disease is a neurological disorder. The condition is known to cause unpleasant sensations in the leg. According to varicose vein treatment tx in most cases of RLS, the patients feel the strong urge for movement. In RLS, the movement urge is experienced more during the resting phase.


    Experts at state that RLS affects around 10 per cent of the world’s population. Studies have found that the cases of RLS arise in the middle age mostly and impact women more than men. Around 80 per cent of the people suffering from primary restless leg syndrome have also suffered from the condition of periodic limb movement(PLMS). While RLS causes the strong urge for action, PLMS causes the legs to twitch and jerk during the resting phase.PLMS and RLS, in the long run, lead to sleep deprivation. So here is an insight into the common causes of RLS.

    Restless leg syndrome causes 

    The unusual sensation of tingling and crawling caused due to RLS is enough to give you sleepless nights. People experiencing RLS often associate the underlying cause of it to be stress and nervousness. Home remedies bring leg cramp relief; however, the prolonged occurrence of RLS requires medical attention. Are you wondering what might be the causes of RLS? Then here is a list of the common causes of RLS.

    1. Chronic diseases

     Long term medical conditions are the primary causes of several diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, kidney failure, diabetes and renal issues. Chronic illnesses which deplete the immunity of the body are the underlying cause of RLS.

    1. Medications

    Often for leg cramps treatmentwe opt for those over counter pain relievers. High dosage of the drugs is known to influence the immunity of the body. Medications such as antidepressant, pain relievers due to their chemical combinations worsen the case of RLS. Prolonged usage of the medicines provides an invitation to other life-threatening diseases.

    1. Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is among one of the causes of swollen legs and RLS. Pregnant women tend to get swelled up legs in the trimester. However, the symptoms of swollen legs and cramps tend to fade away within months after the delivery.

    1. Lifestyle

     Lousy lifestyle and the addiction to alcohol, tobacco and caffeine are the primary triggers of RLS. The fast-paced lifestyle with sleep deprivation has been known to worsen the cases of RLS. The best way to relieve leg cramps is to opt for a healthy lifestyle along with the intake of a balanced diet.

    1. Stress

     Agree or not stress is the biggest enemy of human. Stress is the underlying cause of many diseases such as RLS, heart stroke, diabetes, chronic illness and spinal cord disorder. One of the best ways of heavy leg syndrome treatment is to do away with stress and get an adequate amount of sleep.

    So these are a few common causes of restless leg syndrome, for details on treatment and symptoms of RLS visit