Meaning, Rituals, and Curiosities of Gems

  • Precious stones have been coveted by people of high society and also those we know as people from the underworld, in the time of the pirates, we read in the stories how jewelry was the most magnificent booty that pirates stole. Most of them were made up of valuable precious and semi-precious stones.

    But they also had a specific meaning having a certain stone or gem. Some considered them good luck, charms. Another on his side attributed magical and even healing qualities.

    Meaning and properties

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    We can briefly list the meaning and characteristics of some cultural attributes to these birthstone colors by month.

    Agate: protector of dreams. It helps release negative energy by providing emotional balance.

    Amethyst:amethyst stone meaning wisdom. It helps development and protection and brings clarity to thought.

    Blue Topaz: Traditional stone of intellectuals. It is said to be related to overcoming fears by fostering courage.

    Citrine:citrine stone is excellent for raising self-esteem.

    Garnet: Stimulates all the senses. Increases the level of connection between feelings and sexual desire. It is also considered good luck for business.

    Pink tourmaline: Attracts good luck in general. It is considered the stone of serenity.

    Jasper: Its orange color is associated with relaxation and joy, as well as with themes such as comfort, compassion.

    Lapizlazuli: Symbolizes truth and true friendship. Its blue color expresses the vastness of the sea.

    Ruby: Symbolizes love and passion. It protects health and bad situations.

    Sapphire: It is synonymous with peace and joy. In ancient times pink sapphire helped to predict the future; it helps in communication and reduces all negative effects.

    Tiger Eye: It offers a balance of forces, allowing you to transform fear to get out of difficult moments in the best way, improving self-esteem.

    Value of precious stones

    The determination of the amount of the zirconia goes hand in hand with the characteristics that we have already described above, which are: durability, color or shine, and rarity.

    Its weight is regulated in carats, but not more carats mean more money. The rest of the characteristics are just as important for its value to be high.

    The moissanite diamond is known as the most expensive gem in the world. A single piece of this gemstone was auctioned for $ 34 million. A truly record figure, weighing 134 carats. But the extraordinarily high purity for the piece made event attendees bid up to this figure.

    Where to buy and sell precious stones

    It is always important to buy or sell green gemstones to know a little more than what we have been told on the subject. You also need to educate yourself a bit to avoid being scammed with fake or poor quality gems at high prices.

    It is necessary to take into account some aspects to achieve a successful purchase.

    It is important to locate people with a recognized track record both to buy and to sell druzy quartz. In the case of wanting to acquire a piece, the certificate of origin and validity must be required.

    Identify the characteristics of the piece, color, durability, and rarity. That will estimate the acquisition cost, among other aspects.

    Don't be dazzled by the weight and size of the gem. Not necessarily, its weight is the calculation of the purchase value.

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