How much a Real Amethyst Stone Worth?

  • What is Amethyst?


    Amethyst Stone


    Since it is found in transparent violet color, it is referred to as the Katella or Jamunia. Since it is available in abundance it is categorized under the semi-precious stone. According to Vedic astrology, it is effective for Shani Dosh or negative effects of Saturn Planet. 


    Since Amethyst is a variety of Quartz and a sixth Anniversary gemstone, it is also known as Amethyst Quartz.


    How to heal with Amethyst?


    • Help to increase magnificence.

    • Increases spiritual awareness.

    • Improves Psychic abilities.

    • Provides Inner peace and healing.

    • Help to heal body, mind, and soul.

    • Promotes positivity.

    • Help to relieve stress. 


    It is a powerful and protective stone. It protects against psychic attacks. It protects you from all kinds of harm whatever is geopathic or electromagnetic stress. Also, it transfers the energy into love. It helps control all negative energy and makes you relieve stress and strain by soothing irritation and maintaining balance in mood swings and also enhances psychic abilities.


    Amethyst develops spiritual awareness along with healing and cleansing powers. It develops the quality to remember and understand your dreams. It motivates you to adapt to selflessness and spiritual wisdom.




    Moreover, Amethyst helps improve your health conditions such as it boosts hormone production with a better endocrine system and metabolism. It makes your immune system stronger and the body to fight against cancer because it destroys malignant tumors. You can also get benefits in reducing headaches and releasing tension. Also, it is useful in treating hearing disorders.   


    Who is the right person for Amethyst?


    Persons whose zodiac sign is Capricorn are the right candidates to wear the Jamunia Ratna as it is effective to provide auspicious results to them. In terms of Astrology,  persons who are suffering from malefic effects of Saturn planet are recommended to put on this stone. 

    Also, if you have a great desire for wealth, honor, and fame, you have chosen the right gemstone.  Once you wear it, you get rid of Saturn’s flaws and wrong impressions.   The only thing that you should keep in your mind is that you must consult your astrologer before wearing any kind of gemstone as he/she is the only person who can help you in the selection of the right gemstone suiting you the most.


    What are the advantages of Amethyst stone?


    • Increases the seriousness about responsibilities and develops morality.

    • Provides freedom from any kind of addiction.

    • Help to relieve spine pain, knees, and shoulder pains as well. 

    • Helps to get you free from the malefic effects of Saturn planet.

    • Also, if you are passing through ‘Sade Sati of Shani’, are recommended to wear this stone.

    • Helps to relieve depression, anxiety, or other mental problems.


    You can get Amethyst Stones For Sale Online. You can get the gemstone with the certification of authenticity. You must see the weight, color, cut, and originality that will be  mentioned in it before purchasing. You can energize it by your astrologer to get auspicious results soon. 

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