Some interesting facts about the onyx gemstones

  • Black Onyx Gemstone is a form of quartz that is also termed chalcedony. The name chalcedony is received from the harbor of Calcedon. It was thought that this gem was perfect for those who work on shores. In ancient periods, the gem was used to manufacture bases for things composed of precious metals such as gold. The Romans practiced this Black Onyx to design seals made of patterned layers.



    Onyx Gemstone is mentioned in the bible


    In the Bible, the stone is one of the twelve valuable stones practiced in the breastplate of the judgment of the great priest Aaron as addressed in the text of Exodus 35:9 "and Black Onyx Stone and other gems to be mounted on the ephod and breast piece". The onyx stone in the breastplate is the ultimate stone that was practiced on the first following row of Aaron's breastplate.


    They are the perfect alternative for black jewelry


    In the present condition, the stone is excavated in Brazil, California, India, and Uruguay. With the ongoing trend for black jewelry, the gem is very popular and has become a good alternative for the Black Sapphire as that’s not all it has a separate identity too. It is commonly arranged in gold, silver, or platinum depending upon the style. Because of its dark color, it is perfect creating a beautiful contrast in the whiteness, radiance, and shine of diamonds. Onyx stone is the best accompanying stone with precious jewelry.



    This stone is normally set beside other gemstones to let the other shades come out beautifully. The darkness of the stone initiates an elegant experience to tame down the brighter colored gemstones.


    Black onyx is a highly recommended gem practiced in the manufacture of guys’ jewelry as it emits an impression of class and sophistication that men prefer to wear because of the dominance that the color gives to jewelry. The stone is usually used to decorate bracelets, rings, earrings, and other stuff of the men’s utility and styling. Another reason why they are considered as the best gems in the category is that most of the gemstones are available in vivid hues but a few stones are there in the market which are in the back shade. Being the bright color option in the trend, something muted yet the statement is required. What else than Black onyx can become the best thing. You can style yourself with these ornaments in the cases when you are wearing the blue, pink, metallic shades, and sometimes black it will create a bold and different look altogether. 


    The Black Onyx has the therapeutic qualities


    Since classical times, people have thought that gemstones have unique healing powers. The stone is thought to have therapeutic results to the eyes and it saves the wearer from the veil eyes and gives courage and confidence. If your zodiac sign is Leo and you are born in December month you can use it freely to enhance your luck.

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