When does a dental abscess need an Emergency Dental Clinic?

  • An abscessed tooth is a fluid sac of pus that develops in different parts of a tooth as a result of bacterial infection which is also called a dental abscess.  An abscessed tooth can cause mild to extensive pain that sometimes can reach your ear to the neck. If it is left untreated it can cause serious life-threatening problems. This kind of situation requires an Emergency Dental Clinic Near Me



    There different types of dental abscesses depending upon the location: 

    The three most common kinds of dental abscess are:


     Periapical abscess:  It forms at the top of a tooth’s root.


    Periodontal abscess: This type of abscess is formed on the gum following the root of a tooth. It may spread around the tissue and bone.


    Gingival abscess: It can form on the gums.

    Other Indications may include:


    • Severe pain that expands to your ear, jaw, or neck.
    •  It gets worse when you rest.
    • Extensive pain when you are chewing or biting.
    • Redness on the face with swelling.
    • Red swollen gums.
    • Teeth sensitivity.
    • Discoloration of the teeth.
    • Bad smell.
    • Bad taste in your mouth.
    • Sore lymph nodes in your neck or below your jaw.
    • Can cause fever.


    When an abscess explodes, you will feel immediate relief from severe pain. But there can form a sudden bad taste in your mouth as the pus drains out. 


    Germs growing into your teeth or gums heads to a dental abscess. Though, the explosion depends on the type of abscess. 


    In the case of Periapical abscess, germs, and bacteria enter the pulp within your teeth through a cavity. The tooth pulp is made up of sensitive nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels. 

    If it is a periodontal abscess it is a type of gum disease that can be formed due to serious injury.

    In Gingival abscess, it happens when a toothbrush bristle gets embedded in your gums.    

    If you are facing one of these problems, you should visit Emergency Dental Clinic.


    Treatment by Emergency Dental Services Near Me:


    Treatment for an abscessed tooth includes cleaning up the infection and getting you relieved from the pain. Your dentist will start a dental X-ray based on the patient’s symptoms to examine the expanded infection area. 


    Steps included in the treatment:


    • The dentist will make a small incision in the abscess to remove the pus to clean the area with a saline solution.
    • The professional will perform a root canal procedure to remove the infected pulp and after the procedure is done, he/she will seal the wound and place a crown over it to make teeth stronger.
    • If the infection has spread out of the abscessed area or your immune system is weak, the dentist may prescribe you antibiotics to help in clearing the infection.
    • If the abscess is formed due to a foreign object in your gums, the professional will eliminate it. After the removal, he/she will finish the cleaning process and give you an anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen to relieve the pain. 

    If you notice an abscessed tooth, consult your dentist immediately to get rid of  it before it turns into a health hazard.

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