What are the Advantages Of Lumineers?

  • Lumineers are a different type of veneer, which can say a brand name of veneers used to correct crooked teeth. They are less thick, less expensive, and take less time to apply. It can be a permanent cosmetic solution that helps to correct some of the dental problems including chipped, misaligned, discolored, or gapped teeth. It is a painless therapy and helps to keep your teeth strong and healthy. The following procedure is also known as reversible veneers.

    Lumineers Houston procedure takes two dentist visits to be completed. Furthermore, they are much stronger as they are made from por


    celain. They can be long lasting if proper care is taken towards oral hygiene.  

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    Lumineers VS Veneers

    Veneers are flat, covering shells that are added to the base of the teeth. They help to correct various dental problems like correction of stained teeth that have become impossible by whitening or bleaching. In addition, they are used to cure the cracking and chipping of the teeth. Other than that, veneers are less durable than Lumineers. Also, veneers take a long time to apply. 

    At first, the Best Dentist Near Me removes about a millimeter of the tooth’s outer covering known as enamel because they are very heavy. In the next step, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth to design the veneers. He/She can detach the extra part of the tooth to make them fit the exact size and shape of the tooth.


    You have to make several visits to Top Dentist In Houston to get veneers whereas you are required only two dentist visits for getting Lumineers.

    Advantages to get Lumineers:


    They can be considered a permanent solution for tooth discoloration.

    They can be fixed permanently as they are effective to remove rigid stains and result in perfectly whiten and stainless teeth.

    Work as a bridge between teeth to reduce the gaps.


    Perfect gapped teeth are considered to be beautiful and everybody desires them. If you want to correct your gapped teeth, getting Lumineers can be a good choice

    Lumineers prevent tooth decay if the tooth is already damaged.

    Provide you a bright and shiny smile.

    Improve your teeth’s aesthetics.

    Correct crooked teeth by restoring their original shape and the procedures are not painful at all.

    Lumineers are worth every penny you have put into and you won’t regret your decision.

    They are too strong so fewer chances to get broken.

    Your teeth can stay whiten and brighten for a long time.





    Installing Lumineers can invite a  number of risks like:


    Like any other procedure, installing Lumineers is associated with a number of risks which include:

    The problem of over contouring can take place.

    The teeth can become heavier than usual after getting them.

    It may be possible that gum irritation can arise as Lumineers are added right above the gum line that causes irritation in the gum. 


    Lumineers Teeth Cost 


    Lumineers cost can cost between  $800 to $2,000 per tooth. On the other hand, Traditional Veneers can cost between $950 and $2,500 per tooth.

    If you are planning to enhance your smile, you should consult your dentist first to know about each option available nearby you.

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