What is the procedure of Wisdom Tooth Extraction Near Me?

  • Wisdom teeth are the last permanent molars in the mouth. Most often it is observed that they do not erupt properly that’s why they cause problems like wisdom tooth pain and impacted wisdom teeth, etc. 


    The impacted wisdom teeth can give an invitation to many problems like:


    • Can develop at wrong angles toward the next tooth, back of the mouth, a right angle to the other teeth, straight up or down like other teeth.
    • Tooth-ache.
    • Food is being stuck behind the wisdom teeth.
    • Resulting in gum infection.
    • Tooth decay problem in semi-developed wisdom teeth.
    • Destruction in a partially erupted tooth.
    • Growth of cyst around the wisdom tooth.
    • Complications during orthodontic treatments.
    • Resulting in further dental problems. 

    Wisdom Tooth Extraction Near Me


    Wisdom teeth removal is a surgical procedure to eliminate one or more wisdom teeth that are positioned at the back corners of your mouth on the up and down. If they do not have enough space to grow it may result in pain and infection. These kinds of conditions require wisdom teeth pulling to avoid other dental problems.   The procedure of Wisdom Teeth Removal Houston can be completed by an oral surgeon. 


    Your oral surgeon may use one or more types of anesthesia like local sedation and generally depend upon the severity of the problem during the extraction procedure to match your comfort level. 

    If he/she uses:

    Local anesthesia:


    Your oral surgeon can give you local anesthesia with one or more injections near the area of each extraction. The affected area will be numbed but you will be awakened during the procedure and you will have some pressure and movement and you won’t experience any pain.  


    Sedation anesthesia:


    The sedation anesthesia will be given through an intravenous injection by your surgeon in your arm. It will help to put down your consciousness during the procedure. You won’t feel any pain and no memory or little memory of the procedure. The surgeon will also inject local anesthesia to numb the gum area.


    General anesthesia: 


    In some special cases, it may be necessary to get general anesthesia. In this type of anesthesia, the surgeon may make you inhale medication through your nose and an IV injection in your arm or both to get you lost consciousness. The surgical team will stay with you to monitor your medical conditions like medication, breathing, temperature, and blood pressure. In addition, he/she will give you local anesthesia to numb the gum area. You won’t feel any pain and have no memory of the procedure.


    After administering the anesthesia, the surgeon will complete the procedure of wisdom teeth removal near me in the following steps:


    • He/She will make a cut in the gum tissue to expose the tooth and bone.
    • Eliminates the extra part of the bone that is blocking access to the tooth root.
    • Distributes the tooth into parts to make the removal procedure easy.
    • Cleans the area of the eliminated tooth.
    • Seals the wound to promote healing.
    • Places bandage over the extraction area to prevent bleeding so that blood clots can form.



    If your wisdom teeth are causing problems, you can consult your nearby dentist to get rid of the problems. 

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