4rsgold sale:How to Install NXT

  • NXT – RuneScape gold's all-new game client – is here!

    This means better RuneScape performance than ever before, and it looks great too – vast viewing distances, dynamic shadows and beautiful lighting effects.

    To celebrate, embark on Benedict's World Tour: a globe-trotting mini-adventure that's perfect for taking in the sights.

    NXT is available to download now - for everyone. Enjoy!

    How to Install NXT

    Download the installer for your OS, then run it.



    For best performance, ensure that your OS and graphics drivers are fully up to date.

    We also advise experimenting with the Graphics Settings to find the best balance of performance and graphics quality for your hardware.

    NXT is designed to get the most out of your hardware, looks fantastic and runs smoothly across the board.


    Bug report icon

    We've tested NXT extensively, but with millions of system configurations out there, it's inevitable that a few blips will slip through. If you have any issues, don't worry – just click the flag icon on the in-game chat interface or visit the forums, and describe the problem along with your PC spec. The team will get you up and running as soon as possible.

    Finally, we couldn't have got here without the legion of testers who logged in during our recent beta weekends, showering us with valuable feedback and digging out pesky bugs. Huge thanks to you all!


    NXT - Al Kharid

    Benedict's World Tour

    World-weary barbarian of accountability Benedict Encumberyak is missing some important items, and needs you to appointment assorted arresting Gielinor locales to clue them down – absolute for bubbler in those august NXT visuals.

    There'll be eight of these attainable to chargeless players, and eight added that are for associates only. You'll get a baby XP lamp for every four you collect, and a ample XP lamp for accession either all of the chargeless items or all of the members' items.

    Log in application the NXT Client, again allege to Benedict by the Burthorpe or Prifddinas lodestone to get started.

    Have Fun!

    Thanks again for your awe-inspiring feedback during the beta – it really was essential for getting to this point. With your help, the NXT guys have achieved a great deal, but there's still work to be done. NXT's out in the world, but like any key element of RuneScape, it'll receive ongoing support and improvement.

    We'll continue to further optimise the client, and – of course – to bring you awesome new content that takes full advantage of what NXT can do.

    Have fun, and let us know what you think over on the forums!

    The RuneScape Team


    NXT - Canifis

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