french cigarettes understand

  • You can smoke Newport cigarettes when you are lonely Lit a Newport cigarette, slowly as the stimulation of Newport cigarette smoke, the flickering light, heart will calm a lot, then want to quickly will heart to hide, to "YTDFSGFGCUEYAB" escape the erosion of loneliness! Then, in each recall the past time, I will be lit a Newport cigarette, deep breathing, sorption, tried to run out whole body energy to lonely burnt to ashes.Although, after the ashes, still lonely!Situations in life, there will always be some beautiful yearning and looking forward to, also like the other shore flower shore fireworks, defines and distance, so close, so far away...Perhaps, that is the talk of the mind, the source of loneliness! The world of mortals edge ancient, leave the sorrow of parting always make a person! Face once yurun thick Newport cigarette, I don't know the final keep that copy of calm long happiness, but became faint melancholy dormant in the bottom of my heart, to penetrate hearts heartless!Looked away setting sun people see, full red sleeve crow, who together? Lit a Newport cigarette and read the world of mortals of irregular change and deep wounds lonely not in connection with these pain, along with the Newport cigarette to, not a fright, even the nearest dependency cannot touch, any individual with lonely wandering, no sound! If you can dream, hard to cover those fragile beautiful years;Newport best cigarette Marlboro Red Cigarettes cigarette hazy, burning that betrayed by the tears of loneliness!Newport cigarette, light incense;Lips, acme, suck the. Lonely no sound, with all the throughput of the lips, go, never back again, even if it's just not the eternal moment!Newport cigarette, tried, the people know how long it is.Lit a Newport cigarette again, smoking.Loneliness in incense, degrees! Memory has been wiped out in the front of poems the teacher's words, "we are all on the same path, walk slowly, the great distance, but an endless stream", smoking a Newport cigarette, I have french cigarettes understand!How much desire language also Sue?Just this moment mood warm, even if the winter night, also won't lonely underprivileged students. Newport cigarette, done, burn your fingers, ears temples to Ruth, myriad heart hard to keep!Pass by, miss, I am still lonely dancer!Inadvertently, lit again, smoking tobacco prices Newport cigarette. Just ordered the Newport cigarette, Newport cigarette is lonely.