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  • A Newport cigarettes Newport cigarettes out in the cold night a flash, a little bit of combustion and then into ashes flying in the wind, drift into the unknown fate of the final destination.Heavy Newport cigarettes with harmful carcinogens, like a porters, hard-working to the foul gas handling to the lungs. Before I am not understand now that Newport cigarettes is harmful to health, why there are still a lot of people devoted to smokers, become a light up dinner for people.That kind of person, covered in Newport cigarettes, fume yellow teeth, weak body Newport cigarettes, always cough spit.But if there are a variety of mistakes, they always smoke Newport cigarettes, indifferent to overdraw the life.Seemed to leave Newport cigarettes cannot live. Is anathema to smoke Newport cigarettes when I was small, junior high school of time to the toilet every time you can Cigarettes Wholesale Online see those so-called bad boy stay at the corner of the toilet, one like the old one absorbing dope addict, a face of cosy and ao however, vomit a Newport cigarettes on the comings and goings of good students.Look at those lovely students timid bowed their heads and ran, and then laughing sound scold a chewing tobacco brands few words on other classmates.Every recess, those smokers, suppressed a lesson of gaining long like a cheetah, eyes firmly towards the most rapid attack prey outbreaks.Here of course there is attack just rushed to the bathroom to borrow the toilet of disintegration in the name of the habit.Students to find a place not to be found.The more unscrupulous, as I.At the height of the team, listen to the school once rumours wonders, at recess, in the window will see big big shares of white smoke came out.You can imagine grand Newport cigarettes team.But smokers thought secret site betrayed by the wonders of the school actively, causing the spectacle has been finish high school and I not in. I like to drink pure water, clean the brush teeth before sleeping, very anxious to let yourself a translucent, pay attention to the smell of clean very much.Always feel that smoking Newport cigarettes can make the person will become dirty.So dirty Newport cigarettes absorption into the body, it is the liver into the gas Chambers.Remember reading junior high school of time see biology books with illustrations marlboro gold original and pictures is a mass of black material looks dirty and disgusting inexplicable organs, amazing incredible nicotine in cigarettes is that after the excessive smoking lung.Think of those people who smoke Newport cigarettes, organs would become so ugly is a heart palpitations.Since then more about Newport cigarettes.And certainly think you don't smoke Newport cigarettes in my life.But there are some things, will not live up to his expected direction.As there are other words, a person will eventually grow into their ever hate the kind of person. Smoking Newport cigarettes for the first time is the time when the concrete has been forgotten, but always remember the first time that kind of dirty smoke body flow that kind of feeling.Grey pungent gas along the throat with a slightly warm slowly precipitation to the depths, into the lungs, and then there is severe cough and crazy drink cold water, as if to put in the foul gas dissolved in the water.Until the stomach pain unbearable.Although has learned to smoke Newport cigarettes, but not to indulge in the Newport cigarettes.I think there is no so-called smoking people who smoke Newport cigarettes, just a habit, a kind of lonely hand it, so don't make yourself bored. I only remember his moment of rely on it.A man walked in the darkness without stars under the sky of the playground, a circle and a circle, sometimes don't know why you want to go, only know oneself once stopped heart annoyed like an explosion is inflation seems to be the next second is helium balloons.Only walk and in the night permeate flash Newport cigarettes butts to relieve the boredom.Then look at the wind in the empty playground, library incandescent lights like the vast plains in the distance. In this time, I finally understand.Newport cigarettes, the grey and the foul gas is a kind of magic.Had a period of time, all night all night suffer from insomnia, every night, round eyes open by the light came across the library, staring at the CanBaiSe roof.Heart silence vast, as if in the endless prairie fled, all at the adventure as among the grass.Covered in sweat, shortness of breath, suddenly pain can't contain, whenever this time, wearing a dress, trembling hands almost pious bite in the corners of the mouth of the cigarette."Snapped" lighter's voice echoed in the silent corridor, like the voice of the broken "YTDFSGFGCUEYAB" bone.I don't know what I was a kind of expression, only know that when my mind is a flash when junior high school biology textbooks that lung illustrations.Passed.Smoking like a dose of medicine, stopped the spread of all the pain and confusion.