Try the Blankz Pods Refillable Pod System

  • The latest trend in vaping has been the pod-based nicotine salt vape. These systems use disposable pods and a small battery to provide a clean and discreet vaping experience. The cost of replacement pods can add up quickly, which is why the team at Blankz! Pods have created their amazing refillable pod system. This allows the same quality vapor, but you can use whatever salt e-liquids you want in your vapes.



    The secret to the Blankz! Pod system is their cartridge design. Their cartridges are designed to be refilled up to three times and can save you up to 70% over conventional disposable pods. These pods are also compatible with other popular pod systems, including the Juul system’s battery. This means you won’t have to commit to buying an entirely new system if you are thinking of switching to a new vape.


    Refilling your pods takes only a few minutes and you can use whatever nic salt juice you prefer. Simply remove the top from the pod, pull out the plastic insert, and fill the pod with your favorite flavors. Blankz! Pods also offer a variety of delicious e-liquid options on their site that will work perfectly with their pod designs. Leaking is extremely rare but might happen if you use the pods more than the 3 recommended fills.


    It’s easy to find nicotine salt e-liquids in any flavor you could imagine, but Blankz can not guarantee that every liquid will be a perfect fit for their pods. The ratios of PG and VG can vary widely across e-liquids and will affect the pressure within the pods during use. With the high cost of over the counter pods, and Juul’s recent choice to pull some of their flavors, using a refillable pod system is a great way to enjoy your vapor on your terms.


    If you are looking for a better battery option, Blankz! Pods have packed all the features you could want into their battery design. Not only do these batteries last twice as long as most over the counter vapes, but they also charge incredibly fast using a standard micro USB charger. The sleek minimalist design features a button, a slot of the pods, and a charging port. You can use three power levels to control the intensity of your vapor while still enjoying the discreet and easily pocketed size.


    So if you are tired of your current salt nic vape’s limited options and low battery life, it might be time to make the switch to a Blankz! Pods refillable pod system. These modern systems give you the freedom of choice and will still allow you to use Juul pods in a pinch. You can find the pods, batteries, and plenty of e-liquid options listed on their website. If you have any questions about the Blankz! Pods system, you can reach their team through their website.

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