Check Out The Best Refillable Pod System From Blankz! Pods

  • Convenient pod systems have exploded onto the vaping market over the last few years. Aside from being smaller and more discreet than conventional mod and atomizer vapes, it’s no wonder more and more users are enjoying them. While some vapers are all about chasing the thickest clouds and building their perfect rig, pod vapes have made vaping more accessible to everyone. At Blankz, we have created the Best Refillable Pod System for new and seasoned vapers alike.



    The first thing that many users enjoy about our system is our refillable pods. Many popular pod vapes, including the Juul(a system compatible with our pods), use disposable pods filled with predetermined flavors. To give our customers more agency over their vaping, we have created refillable pods that last for 2 to 3 uses. Not only do these pods reduce waste, but they also allow vapers to choose any nicotine salt e-liquid they would like to use.


    We also offer a few brands of nicotine salt e-liquids that have been tested with our pods. You can buy these products with our refillable pods or order custom e-liquid flavors with our create your own flavor option. Once you have found a blend you love, refilling our pods takes only a few seconds. After 2 to 3 pod uses, you may start to notice an off taste to your vapor. This is simply the result of build-up on the pod’s wick and coil. Creating easily replaceable coils for these small pods is sadly not possible with their current configuration. Our pods will still save you over 50% when compared to buying prefilled Juul pods.


    Convenient pods alone don’t make our product the best refillable pod system on the market. We also produced a vape battery the offers a superior battery life and some additional features you won’t find on a standard Juul battery. Our batteries feature a 350 mAh cell, nearly double the capacity of a Juul. This means you can easily vape multiple pods off a full charge.


    When your battery does run out of juice, the fast recharge time from its micro-USB charging port will have you vaping again in no time! You can even shut the system off to save your charge, or keep it in our continuous mode to hit at your leisure. Our batteries also feature 3 power levels for users who would like to control the heat and thickness of their vapor. All of the features on our small and sleek batteries are controlled from one simple button.


    So if you are considering making the switch to pod vaping, or you are just tired of your current device, it’s time to give our vape a try! We know you will agree that we have created the best refillable pod system on the market. If you have any questions about our pod system, feel free to reach out on our website.