Blankz! has the Best Juul Compatible Pods

  • Vaping with Juul pod systems, or “Juuling”, has become incredibly popular in recent years. Juul and other similar pod systems have become so successful because they offer an alternative to the traditional mod and atomizer vape systems that have developed over the last decade or so. Pod systems are small, discreet, and easy to use, which explains their explosion in popularity. One of the biggest drawbacks to pod vapes is their one-time use cartridges, which provide approximately one pack of cigarettes’ worth of nicotine per pod. In order to help users increase their control over their vaping experience, our team at Blankz! Pods have created the Best Juul Compatible Pods on the market.


    The biggest difference between our pods and the pods being offered from Juul is the ability to refill. When you buy filled pods, they can only be used once before they have to be thrown away. This increases the expense of the vape user and creates more waste in the process. When we set out to create the best Juul compatible pods, we wanted to make sure that our pods could be used multiple times. Every Blankz! pod is designed to be filled two or three times before it will have to be replaced.


    You might be wondering “if you can make a pod that can be reused, why not make a pod that lasts forever?” Trust me, we understand the desire for a forever pod, but sadly these devices were designed to have a short working life and there is no simple way around that. Just like in a traditional mod and atomizer set up, these pods contain wicks and coils(albeit a bit smaller). Just like their larger cousins, these coils will eventually develop a coating of residue and will begin to affect the taste of your vapor and possibly break the coil. The internal components of vape pods are too small and delicate to make replacing coils at home feasible.


    So, realistically, the ability to use one of these pods even twice can significantly reduce the cost and waste production of vaping. They also offer users the ability to choose which flavors to vape beyond the handful of options available at your local convenience store. You can use any nicotine salt vape juice you want, though we do recommend the brands on our site, as these have been tested with our pods and have shown no leaks or issues. We receive very few reports of leaks or other issues from our customers, but you should always test new juice options to ensure they vape normally before filling all of your pods.


    If you are tired of overpaying for what is essentially a lack of choices, Blankz! Pods is here for you. We know that once you try them, you’ll agree that our pods are the best Juul compatible pods you have ever used. For more information on our pods, e-liquid recommendations, and to check out our long-lasting batteries, visit our site today!

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  • daniel lee
    daniel lee Thanks for the offer, seems like not bad pods, really! I started vaping exactly with JUUL, but just until I discovered disposable electronic cigarette better known as Sea Stix , the quality is great.
    Mar 18