Blankz! Pods Have The Best Empty Pods For Juul Vapes

  • Juul has made the nicotine salt pod style vaporizer into one of the most popular vape styles on the market. While these systems are discrete and convenient, they do have their drawbacks. Chief among them is the fact that Juul’s pods are all disposable one-time use pods. If you are a fan of using the Juul device, but you are tired of being limited to Juul’s flavors and their disposable pods, Blankz! Pods have created the best Empty Pods For Juul users. These pods can be filled with your choice of e-liquid and can be refilled several times.


    The Juul system is basically a simplified version of a conventional mod and atomizer vape. The small Juul battery is the mod and the pods, which contain e-liquid and a coil, take the place of the atomizer. Like in an RDA, the coils in these pods are not going to last forever. That’s why Juul pods are disposed of, the small coils and assembly of the cartridges make it virtually impossible to change the coil without significant design changes.


    The Blankz refillable pod does not have a replaceable coil, as its design was restricted to fit the Juul’s small size, but it can be refilled. The top of the pod can be removed and the channels can be filled with any nicotine salt e-liquid you choose in seconds. Each pod can be filled up to three times before the coil will naturally burn out. This will result in popping, unpleasant taste, and possibly leaking. Sadly the coils cannot be replaced, but the ability to reuse these empty pods for Juul can still help you save on pods.


    The average Juul pod costs about $4 per use. A Blankz! Pod can cut that cost in half. A 4 pack of pods costs $12.50. Each 4 pack of 1 ml refillable Juul pods can be used 12 times, meaning you are paying $1.04 per use. Blankz also offers a deal on 60ml blend your own flavor nic salt vape juice for $27, meaning the cost is roughly $0.45 per ml. That makes the total cost per use of a refillable pod only $1.49 compared to the $4 it costs to vape a Juul pod. If you use 1 pod per day, making the switch to Blankz pods will save you $916.15 per year!


    So not only do these pods help reduce your waste and allow you to choose which e-liquid flavors you would like to vape, but they can also help you save. If you are interested in making a complete upgrade to your pod system, Blankz also offers a battery pack with nearly double the capacity of a Juul and multiple power settings to give you extra control over your vaping experience. You can find their empty pods for Juul, the Juul compatible battery, and their custom e-liquids on the Blankz! Pods website.

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    daniel lee Thanks for the info, I will try to remember this good offer. My first device for vaping was exactly JUUL, but vape market has many alternatives, so that now I prefer disposable electronic cigarette with 15 different flavors Sea Stix...  more
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