Avoid The Flavor Ban With Our Refillable Juul Pods

  • If you have been following the news surrounding vaping, you know that the US has decided to ban flavored vape pods. This means Juul users, who use store-bought disposable pods, will only be able to purchase tobacco and menthol flavors once the ban takes effect. This ban only includes sealed vape pods, meaning you are still legally in the clear to grab a Refillable Juul Pod and load it with whatever flavors you would like. This means that if you want to continue enjoying fruit and mint-flavored pods, you are going to have to start filling them yourself.


    Luckily the process of filling one of our Blankz pods only takes a few seconds. Simply remove the black mouthpiece and then remove the small plastic fill hole cover on the top of the pod. This will expose the two fill holes, allowing you to add your own juice on each side of the central chimney. Once you are done filling, simply recover the fill holes and then snap the mouthpiece back in place.


    Our pods are designed to be compatible with Juul devices and each Blankz refillable Juul pod can be used 2 to 3 times instead of being thrown away after a single use like Juul’s pods. Like all vapes, the coils used in these pods will not last forever. Sadly, because these pods are so small, the coils can not be replaced. This means that once the coils start to burn out, it’s time to replace the entire pod.


    Filling your own pods is not just easy, it’s also much cheaper. Unlike the 0.7ml Juul pods, our pods hold 1ml of juice. That means that it will only take 7 Blankz pods to enjoy the same amount of vapor as 10 Juul pods. Combined with the lower price of our products, you can save 70% off the cost of Juul pods by using our pods. If you vape a single Juul pod per day, that means switching to Blankz could save you over $1000 per year!


    We also offer a custom e-liquid option where you can order a flavorless nicotine salt e-liquid with a bottle of your preferred flavoring. With 32 options to choose from, including 10 dessert flavors, 15 fruit flavors, and 7 menthol flavors. With all of these possibilities, it is easy to find the perfect flavor to fill your new favorite vape pods and explore some new flavor profiles you have never considered.


    So if you are dreading the loss of your favorite vape pod flavors, it’s time to start filling your own pods. Don’t let this new flavored pod ban keep you from enjoying your Juul or compatible device. Just pop a refillable Juul pod into your vape and keep on vaping the flavors you have come to love or explore new flavors you have never had the option to try. Don’t wait until the ban is already in place, visit Blankz! Pods and stock up on our refillable vape pods today.