Shenzhou X60TS

    Shenzhou X60TS Shenzhou representative large-screen phone, with high
    Cost-effective and has been welcomed by consumers. Shenzhou X60ts equipped
    6 inches TFT screen material, screen clarity, resolution
    1920x1080 pixels, 6 inches really big, both display
    The effect is still the game results are good. The only downside may be
    Is convenient to carry, which is currently facing all the big-screen phone to ask
    Shenzhou X60ts uses the 1.7GHz eight-core MediaTek MT6592
    Processor, impressive performance, can easily cope with a variety of large-scale games on
    High performance requirements of the application. In terms of memory, the Shenzhou X60TS ride
    Upload a 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM memory combinations, belongs to the high-end configuration
    , Do not worry about the problem of insufficient storage space.
    In the photo, the Shenzhou X60TS rear camera for like 14 million
    Su, front of 500 million pixels, pictures are excellent quality. With
    When the phone is equipped with a 3000 mAh battery, battery life
    The phone is currently priced at 999 yuan market, less than a thousand,
    So configured, it is no exaggeration to say that the most cost-effective of all mobile phones
    Phone, let alone in the big-screen phone, and together, these
    Your phone is worth starting.