L55T Port D6683 mobile Unicom 4G paste it power seller

  • small gifts is also very close friends, packaging really cool
    These days busy, no time to use it. And so on, come up with a good evaluation. Machine looked very good. Run fast. You can live on the line.
    Thank boss you, baby received, superb! Workmanship is exquisite, the system is very smooth, small Wanliaoyihui, really to the force! Send a small gift is very intimate, to think of all thought, word, really value, thank the store again! !Evaluation of goods received four days of pure artifact loading force, a friend from 2013-2015 through amplifier models come with the evaluation, is a real machine, operating system, not to mention the quality of the machine, the only flaw host a difference a little flash and Real large, handmade typing, rights reservedmeizu phone mx3
    Good appearance, after the camera trim uneven, unsatisfactory. Dial-up is slow to respond, it is best to open the lid after a few seconds and then dial-up, as often as three times the number, the results show the two. After all, at this price, the overall can, hope to continue their efforts
    To be honest with the people around me are 2013 and 2014, no one really buy a licensed 2015 so there is no way to compare, I think this price with this configuration has been able to, in addition to the pixel is not particularly good other are also Yes, from the appearance and speed in terms of both worthy of the price, but the boss is very nice, answer,
    Basic and described as very satisfied to meet what I personally use a good work of all good reaction quickly can buy additional period of time and so will chase with comment
    The first machine received a little problem, contact customer service immediately after the return to a new change. Boss who is very good, gave small gifts - some practical machine now received half a month, no problem!