The relatively small size is quite nice

  • The relatively small size is quite nice.With xiaomi redmi review a 4.5-inch screen, the T2's footprint is comfortable for those with small and large hands alike.I had no trouble holding and using it. The phone has nearly identical dimensions to last year's Tribute, and it weighs exactly the same at 4.9 ounces.At 10.9mm thick it borders on chunky, but smaller phones tend to be thicker in order to accommodate all the necessary innards.
    You can still slip it into pockets with ease.I have no complaints about the quality of the hardware.The glass feels strong, and the plastic frame is solid and assembled tightly.The rear shell attaches firmly and the seams are even all the way around.There's nothing flimsy about it. Typical for an LG handset, there are no buttons or controls on the front.
    The T2 relies on software buttons for interacting with the Android operating system.meizu mx5 specs The volume and power buttons are placed on the back surface in a cluster that has become a hallmark of recent LG designs.The Tribute 2 changes up this button design slightly, and I like it. From a functional perspective, it is the same: the raised power button separates the two indented volume toggles.
    With other LG phones, a large hole in the rear cover reveals the button cluster. But with the T2, the button cluster is part of the rear shell.This gives the T2's cluster a smoother, more seamless look.The buttons work very well.