Ralph the Wonder Llama makes me laugh

  • Ralph the Wonder Llama makes me laugh. Here’s what he wrote to me: “‘Your screenshot claiming of the ArcheAge Gold is to forward me added dragon pictures! Seriously, annihilation at all with a dragon affair will be great! Please, ample my in-box with dragon pictures!’ What? That’s not the screenshot claiming of the week? But I could accept sworn! Well, I’m appealing abiding that’s what I heard… and I’m rarely anytime wrong. Abounding moons ago my warrior was authoritative use of TERA’s bounded auto account in Darkquaver Woods if I airtight this screenshot. The sunlight and the clouds and the mountains and the copse fabricated for a absolutely admirable image, I thought. And afresh of advance there’s the dragon. And I apperceive how abundant you adulation dragons! So I just had to share!”

    For my It Came from the Comments Section, clairvoyant Xephyr has just one chat for you: Cantha. CANTHA. Cantha cantha bo-bantha banana-fana-fo-fantha. Me mi mo mantha. CANTHA!

    What’s the screenshot claiming for this week, you ask? We ability accept done this one before, but I like it, so actuality it is afresh if so: Take and abide your admired pics of MMO starting zones and explain why you adulation them so much.

    A acquaintance asked me to appear with her brotherhood to run some endgame arrest or another. I don’t bethink what it was. Whatever arrest had this guy as an end boss. The abandoned affair I bethink about it was that this guy was there, and afresh I said that anybody should angle aback while my Jedi defeated him with the ability of rock.

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