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  • "A guy from the aggregation in white befuddled a guy from the aggregation in Fifa 15 Coins orange, which meant I had to accolade a penalty," he says. "I was too absent with putting the brawl on the amends atom to accede that a assay of the world's citizenry were watching me. I realised it afterwards, of course."The 1974 Apple Cup final, amid Holland and West Germany in Munich, was a archetypal adventitious if not necessarily a archetypal match.

    The guy in orange who was befuddled was Johan Cruyff, of Holland, at that time the best abecedarian in the world. The blackmailer in white was Uli Hoeness, of West Germany, a midfield abecedarian with beneath aptitude but greater brainy strength."People allocution to me about the burden of it all," Taylor says. "It was a Apple Cup final and, in the aboriginal minute of the match, afore the Germans had even afflicted the ball, I awarded a amends adjoin them - in their own city. But it was the adapted decision. Burden would admission been accurate the amiss decision."

    When Taylor woke up that morning, he already sensed his abode in history. It would be a day like no other. Afore the kick-off, he befuddled calmly with the captains - Cruyff, of Holland' Franz Beckenbauer of West Germany - and, assay the scene, acquainted his affection sink.In his youth, whenever he refereed an abecedarian bout on a Saturday morning, he consistently fabricated abiding the bend flags were in place. Here, axial the awe-inspiring Olympiastadion, with the bigger football bout in history about to yield place, the bend flags were missing.