Enjoy a brilliant viewing experience Samsung Note Edge

  • Your entertainment looks better than ever on the 5.6-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display that boasts rich colors and deep shadows. The curved Edge display brings more life to your main screen and lessens distracting notifications.The Edge screen keeps your notifications and alerts neatly organized on the curved side, without interrupting videos, web browsing or taking attention away from getting work done.

    The Edge screen is your gateway to frequently used apps and important information. See email alerts and social media updates without having a notification interrupt what’s on the main display. Play a song or pause a video from the Edge screen. Check the weather forecast and glance at breaking news.

    The S Pen helps you get more done. Handwrite notes for yourself or share them with others. Use the S Pen like a mouse to select content and paste it where you want.It’s loaded with more mouse-like shortcuts, making it easy to highlight, cut, copy and paste whatever you want on any screen.