Motorola W755 is your normal, average, every day black flip pho

  • The W755 is your normal, average, every day black flip phone, but it's covered in a rubberized material front and back for a sure grip. It's lone nod to style is the top half, which, when flipped up, rests slightly over the top of the bottom half like two overlapping tectonic plates.

    The front face has two glass-covered sections: the 1.3 MP camera lens and the 1-inch external screen. oppo phones Surrounding the 1-inch external screen and Motorola logo are four nearly invisible soft-touch music controls that light up and become active when the music is playing, and a Bluetooth indicator icon slash on/off control. This external Bluetooth control is unique and a great idea that I hope is more widely adopted.

    Inside the W755 is a 1.9-inch screen. Its dialpad has cleanly delineated black alphanumeric keys illuminated with clean, warm, white backlighting which renders the keypad easily readable in any light. The navigation array is comprised by three concentric circles; the bulls-eye is the "select" key and the two outside rings are actually a single ring with cursor direction controls. Unfortunately, there isn't enough differentiation between the inner and outer ring sections. The direction ring seems to be comprised of two sections, which is a bit confusing and leads to accidentally tapping the "select" bulls-eye instead of the directional ring and vice versa.