Casio Brigade meets the military specifications 810F standard f

  • The Casio Brigade meets the military specifications 810F standard for water, shock and dust resistance; immersion; vibration; and low and high temperature storage. It can even withstand salt fog, a problem I hope to never encounter, but if you find yourself in a salty, foggy environment, there are very few phones on the market that can handle these problems, and only one with a full QWERTY keyboard.

    The Brigade looks every bit the part. Besides the rubberized seals and larger buttons that you’d expect from a rugged device, the Casio G’zOne family tends toward flourishes like rivets and metal guard posts. oppo smartphone I half-expected to open the phone and find steel plate, but Verizon Wireless saved this for the interface theme, not the exterior.

    The Casio Brigade won’t fit in your pocket, unless you wear cargo pants and a flak jacket. It’s about twice as thick as your standard, svelte tablet phone, and the hinge protrudes from the top and bottom of the device. But it opens with a solid clack, like popping the hood on a Jeep.