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  • Sciatica is often known as lumbar radiculopathy, used to refer to the pain in the area of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is better known as the longest nerve in the human body, which is about the width of a finger. If you’re the victim of sciatica then probably you may also begin experiencing the lower back pain. Sciatica mainly happens due to protruding discs. The patient of sciatica can also experience leg pain and irritation.

    Sciatica Symptoms:-


    For some patients, sciatica pain is bearable while for some others sciatica pains seem like their worst nightmare that becomes true. Sciatica pain can be increased due to some reasons like prolonged sitting or quick movements.

    The following list contains common sciatica symptoms.

    • Started experiencing pain in the one side of the buttock or one side of lag that becomes worse when you sit.
    • Due to sciatica pain, you can experience weakness or difficulty in moving the lags.
    • Sometimes a pain remains constant on the one side of the posterior.
    • Started experiencing sharp pain that makes it difficult for you to stand or walk.

    If you are experiencing these types of symptoms, then you need to seek the help of a sciatica specialist in NYC.

    Sciatica Specialist In NYC:-

    At Pain Treatment Specialist, our sciatica specialists are board-certified and trained from the world’s leading university Harvard. Also, we have managed to secure the 1st position as pain doctors nationwide. Our sciatica specialists in NYC works tirelessly to offers you a seamless experience of sciatica pain relief. The time when you visit the Pain Treatment Specialist team, first they will consult with you to examine your health history. Afterward, we will proceed to the physical exam. Our team has a proven record of locating the root of sciatica pain, so we can provide a better treatment plan to our customers. Our goal is to cure your sciatica pain without performing surgeries. We do some diagnosis and tests such as x-rays, MRI, CT scans to examine the sciatica pain.

    Thanks to our sciatica specialists NYC, who manages to design the sciatica pain treatment plan in a way to manage the pain of patients without long-term use of medicines. We may advise you to take a few days of bed rests during the treatment process. Also, you can apply gentle heat or cold on the painful area to reduce the pain. Our team has a conservative approach that helps our patients to feel better within a few weeks.

    What Do I Do Next:-

    If you’re the candidate for any of the sciatica symptoms above then you immediately need to see a sciatica specialist in NYC. We at Pain Treatment Specialists will help you to cure your sciatica pain by providing the right level treatment.

    We’re working with some of the best industry experts including sciatica pain specialists. There are multiple non-surgical options also available at our clinic

    If you wish to begin your sciatica pain relief journey with us then give us a call at (855) 428-0125 to book your appointment.

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