You may appetite to mark these

  • Already the bell's aback on solid ground, up, left, afresh acclimatized to fit it into its slot Cheap ArcheAge Gold. Now that all three accretion are in their agnate slots, it's time to play the final tune on them (the aloft one you saw on the attic to the west). Use the backlash to actuate the accretion in this order: Larboard one, center, center, right, center. Do it appropriately and a aperture aloft will open, acceptance you admission to the admission aloft arch to Attic 2. 20 Rupees If you haven't already, bake both ice-torches at the top of this allowance (just beneath the aperture that the accretion open) to could cause a chest to arise in the anteroom just aloft the door. Attic 2 Coursing the aisle down (past the allowance on the larboard for now) to accretion a assurance at the end that displays six blaze icons: 3 red, 3 blue.


    You may appetite to mark these on your map--or don't, aback you're account our guide ArcheAge Gold. Now arch aback to the allowance you just passed, on the left, to accretion six aphotic torches. You'll acquire to use your backlash to ablaze them in the aloft abode as the picture; however, you acquire to aggregate out a way to ablaze them all fast enough, contrarily some of the torches will abort out afore you can ablaze them all. Here's our method: Angle in the centermost of the torches, afresh draw the avenue through the blaze bake first, afresh the one just aloft it, to the left. Afresh down, afresh aloft to the one on the adverse side. Now veer into the ice-flame, afresh to the bake just aloft and to the right, afresh the one on the left, afresh to the one at the absolute bottom. If you did it right, a aboideau lowers just aloft the hall, acceptance admission to accession room--go there now. Afterwards entering the eastern room, the doors will abutting accoutrement you aural with four wolves. Try beauteous them with the backlash afresh application circuit attacks to crop them down.