This year FIFA15 seems to fifa 16 accounts with coins

  • This year FIFA15 seems to fifa 16 accounts with coins be laying down the foundation for a future with more diverse options. The AI and the tactics have taken some important steps forward, steps the fans have been requesting for some time now. Although we have mainly voiced concern with regards to the AI and tactics we will close this by saying that we have spent a lot of time playing vs the AI and trying to get teams to play the way we would like. This is something that wasn't possible last season. One mode that is sure to benefit from these improvements is the Career Mode that has always been dependent on a variable and adaptive AI. We would like to seem improvements in player movements, teams adapting to positional changes on the fly and more importantly more accurate representation of team styles both at home and away. Too often teams play a very rigid and mechanical style of play that lack authenticity. Although there is much promise, every year we seem to say next year will be great. Well it is now next year and while many aspects have improved they still left us wanting more, much more.