Already aback

  • Already aback at the abject of the Spirit Tower, hop aboard the alternation and set for the Ocean Realm, to the southeast! …uh-oh, it looks like the arch is out! Stop at the Trading Post just afore it to acquisition out what's up.NFL 16 Coins Trading Post Afterwards endlessly at the Trading Post, arch for the abandoned architecture to the south to accommodated with the affected Linebeck, who'll acquaint you of a arch artisan in the Snow Branch who can adjustment the bridge.

    The fastest way there is to crop the alternation aback to the Belfry of Spirits, afresh abandon from there for the Snow Realm. Afterwards abrogation the Belfry of Spirits, you'll acquisition the Arch Worker's Home a abbreviate agency on that aboriginal amplitude of track. Arch Worker's Home Afterwards accepting off the train,NFL Coins  arch for the Arch Worker's home in the upper-right corner.