The Experiment games review

  • This game was made by The Adventure Company who are used to making games puzzle games complicated sort of Myst, Syberia, Keepsake and Darkfall. Thing that is characteristic of the game is the game Adventure, as the name suggests, with lot of intricate puzzle that can make the heart sick. What about The Experiment?

    First play, The Experiment show unusual viewpoint for the beginning of a game. Usually we immediately treated FMV frenetic, this time we are only treated to the display without HUD, even with the background, as if we are seeing the main character through a security cam. Until Lea said "The camera is on. ... Who's looking at me?" What? Means that we are currently one of the security officers who operate the camera her! We act as someone who is locked in a security room, stranded in a secret laboratory that was destroyed on the seafront.

    This game seems like trying to awaken us, that man is not free from sin. The longer we play, the more the past are revealed. The more we know the past Lea, filled with a twist, horror and gore. The more there, The Experiment trying to balance between good impression with a bad impression of the character of Leah. The more objectives are completed, we will increasingly guess wondering, what is actually happening. Please prepare your notes for IRA thought, what the hell happened. And maybe you will be surprised to see the end result.

    Unlike the usual games, in The Experiment we control the security camera behind the screen. As already described above, we use the lights and other objects to interact with Lea, not directly. We have access to several security cam at once, and sometimes, we move away from Lea at all, to see the state outside. We are your Lea.

    Lea always provides us with new objectives, after the previous objectives are met, but this obejctive we can feel very relevant to what happened before. What is unique, these objectives should be done together, between us and Lea. Always together. Therefore, a sense of attachment between us and Lea be great. After Lea completing objectives (which he made himself) to help us, then he will share the knowledge that has been gained. From here, a variety of upgrades such as night vision camera, zoom, realtime map and key items to be had.

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