Review NVIDIA GTX 460M

  • NVIDIA GTX 460 graphics card for desktop computers is one of the variants of the GTX 400 which is phenomenal. Graphics Card is offered at a price of US $ 169 for the 768MB version and $ 199 for the 1GB version. NVIDIA GTX 460 is able to offer a relatively strong performance in some of the latest games. Therefore, do not be surprised if many users are looking for this graphics card. Moreover, the graphics card manufacturers did not hesitate to release a wide range of variants of the GTX 460.

    In addition to the desktop computer segment, NVIDIA GTX 460 is also present for the notebook segment with the name of the NVIDIA GTX 460M. Some manufacturers install the NVIDIA GTX 460M notebook in their gaming notebook. One of these is the MSI notebook manufacturers with their gaming notebook, the MSI GT663R.

    NVIDIA GTX 460M uses a chip codenamed GF106. This chip is different from that used in the desktop version because the GTX 460 uses the GF104 chip. While the GF106 chip used on the NVIDIA GTX 450. NVIDIA GTS 460M equipped with 192 Stream Processors (CUDA Cores) and 24 ROPs.

    NVIDIA GTX 460M in the MSI notebook is equipped with GDDR5 memory size and memory bandwidth of 1.5 GB of 192-bits. While the specifications of the NVIDIA GTX 460M clock is 675 MHz core clock, 1350 MHz shader clock and 2500 MHz memory clock.

    See specifications are carried, we were overwhelmed with the feeling curious how the performance of graphics cards based primarily on DirectX 11 games.

    Specifications mainstream class mobile graphics card, the GTX 460M, is not as high (and exactly) like the desktop version. However, the NVIDIA GTX 460M has remained reliable to play the latest games. In DirectX 11-based games, NVIDIA GTX 460M quite overwhelmed when the game is run at a resolution of 1920 × 1080. The frame rate is achieved below 30 fps.

    While the image resolution of 1280 × 720, frame rate generated NVIDIA GTX 460M has increased although in some games still can not penetrate 30 fps. However, do not be disappointed when he saw this first, because the image resolution and quality settings are appropriate, DirectX 11-based games can still run with a frame rate of 30 fps.

    When faced with a game based on DirectX 9 and 10, the NVIDIA GTX 460M does not have any problems at all. In some games, the NVIDIA GTX 460M is able to produce a frame rate of 30 fps. Even if you run the game at a resolution of 1920 × 1080. At PhysX-based games (Batman Arkham Asylum), NVIDIA GTX 460M is still able to produce a frame rate of 30 fps with PhysX-High setting.

    If you're looking for a gaming notebook that can still be relied on to play a variety of the latest games, it seems notebook equipped NVIDIA GTX 460M can you make a choice.

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