Alienation – exclusive games for PS4

  • click here to visit the cheap processors for gamingSony prove if their gaming platform is worth seeing by indie developers in putting the game. Housemarque, Finnish indie developer, and also one of the oldest independent developers (born 1995) who often develop digital games / downloadable games adapted from other original and licensed IP, after confirming the latest digital games over the past Gamescom 2014, that Alienation, now provide many updates in relation to the game that will be released for the PS4 via PSN later this year.

    Unlike the previous Housemarque games, such as Super Stardust HD Resogun and genre shoot 'em up, Alienation is a genre of games with a top-down shooter where you have to drive out the alien invasion using characters that have several different classes. You can make your own character, choose a class, upgrade skills and also customize weapons, to obtain a suitable style of play. Although different genre, but the experience remains the same, you face the screen filled with a lot of aliens coming toward character, a hail of bullets from the guns of character, and everything looks so chaotic.

    The story itself is very generic typical themed game alien invasion to Earth. You become a member of the Allied Forces, trying to fight an alien invasion, which varies considerably. Start tangible human-like, up to the giant. They gathered in many regions of the Earth, so there are many environmental settings that you have encountered during the fight. Alien theme, and also the character models so reminds us in his Microsoft's Halo. Try created as a first-person shooter, probably would like yes.

    Not just the power of sophisticated weapons only, it takes the right tactics to cope with the aliens. That's why the team customization, choose a different class and regulate the formation and build trust with them during the fight against the aliens, can support you win the fight. 

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