Improving the performance of internal or external video card

  • As we know, video graphic accelerator or commonly abbreviated as vga is one component that is very vital role in a PC or laptop. Because of the vital role that, we should try to vga conditions are always optimal performance. So hopefully all the burden of tasks that our PC or laptop, whether it is rendering, playing games or just watching a favorite movie, to be smooth and no problems whatsoever happened, just because the real vga problem we can prevent, that is by taking care of as possible.

    Then how to treat vga well and correctly, here I will share my experience during this struggle and struggling with my favorite PC.

    1. Update your VGA Driver

    The update driver function is certainly a performance improvement on your video card. Usually periodically vga card manufacturers always update the latest drivers on their website. For example, two giant manufacturers Nvidia and AMD Radeon, we can feel the heat competition not only on the hardware, but their driver software increasingly cool because of the effects of competition. If Nvidia has a GeForce Experience driver, then now AMD Radeon also has AMD Crimson drivers. But with the note, usually update the driver for each series is different, then first check your vga series before downloading the update driver.

    Then what about the vga onboard intel intel HD? do not worry, you can search for update Intel intel drivers on the official website. Remember to always check your Intel HD series to match the downloaded driver updates.

    2. Keep VGA Cleaning

    In addition to software optimization (software), vga performance can be maintained by maintaining the cleanliness of the video card from the dirt periodically. The dust that attaches to the vga will cause the hsf fan to become non-rotating at all, and even damaged. As a result vga will become overheated or overheating when we use so the PC can hang, restart, or BSOD (Blue Screen of Death).

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    For vga on laptops, we simply keep the laptop clean from dust and other dirt, like cigarette ash if you are a smoker for example. Because ash or dust can clog hot cavity cavities on laptops resulting in overheating of important components like vga and processor. Performance will slow down.

    Once upon a time my sister PC who usually smoothly played DotA 2 suddenly became very lag / broken. He thought it was a virus, it could be because of it. But it turns out after checking no one virus. I also checked with gpuz software, and it turns vga temperature to touch 100 degrees Celsius. I then unlocked his CPU and found the vga fan did not rotate and was damaged by dirt. We decided to replace the fan with a compatible, finally DOTA 2 was smooth again re-played.