Review ChronoBlade - FB games

  • To date, there are two playable heroes: Aurok and Lophi. Lophi be played after undergoing quest. For starters, you will play using Aurok.

    The concept of this game is a dungeon instance. That is, you enter the dungeon of its own, and defeating monsters there. you will use deadly combos, to fight dozens of monsters. Button A S D is a 'weapon' of you. By using a variant of the button, the moment of death will be created.

    You choose the 'dungeon' by using folders. The level of difficulty can be set, and will affect the level of the monsters in it. Display the time in the dungeon is a side scrolling beat'em up as the game. Before entering all areas, make sure you bring potions and other items. You can only carry 5 pieces only per-item.

    Blade Chrono full of cool tricks and special effects. Prepare yourself to see monsters bouncing in the air, and you can continually beat. In addition, with sparkle-sparkle-rays, and explosions.  

    Oh yes, the more you make the combo, the more points you are big too. This point will affect the judgment at the end of each dungeon. The higher your score, the more cool reward.

    Each area has a boss and champion. Champion will be waiting for you, before you meet the boss. Champion is like a mini boss. More powerful than ordinary monsters, but not as strong as boss. While the boss? Well .. here's the boss of all monsters, guaranteed stronger, and tougher to beat.

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