Total war warhammer confirmed

  • End of April 2015 and Sega confirms Total War Warhammer. As per the title, starting with Warhammer Total War is the overall rule that has applied this series will be changed. Started its setting, which is now for the first time taken in the middle of a fantasy world, where you no longer control the forces of human muscular contain some of whom became world historical figure or myth, but a monster, flying creatures, human factions that exist in the world of fantasy, as well as the effects of magic that are scattered in all battle area will become a new seasoning series Total War. Yesterday developer Creative Assembly released a lot of screenshots in-game initially, and shows a glimpse of what the fight scenes in the game as long as you play it.

    In Warhammer Total War demo is shown through the battle The Battle of Blackfire Pass, Empire and Orcs & Goblins fighting for a region dotted with mountains and glowing lava. They include combat through a new type in the Total War series, namely the quest battle. In the quest battle, each character in the middle of the troops have their own series of quests to unlock items, abilities and the new mount. With the battle to be the end of the fight human faction leader, Emperor Karl Franz, then won every quest will give him a legendary weapon Hammer of Sigmar.

    The fight is also adorned with exciting scenes like the first trailer. Not only soldiers landline only, you can also find Orc controlled Wyvern Warbosses do dogfight with Karl Franz who controls his Griffon, Deathclaw. Cool, because for the first time presenting the Total War aerial combat.

    Overall real-time battle gameplay and campaign as opposed to a mechanical turn-based in the sandbox concept that we already know well through the series returned. While some races that have been disclosed through a press release and also video cinematic initially include Empire (the largest human faction), Orcs and Goblins, Dwarfs and Vampire Count. According to Sega, Total War Warhammer will be the first game of the entire trilogy, and the plan there will be other additional stand-alone series, with the goal of creating the greatest Total War experience ever.

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