Horizon Zero Dawn for PS4

  • Guerrilla Games, the studio first-party Sony Computer Entertainment is known through the Killzone series, during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 confirming Dawn Horizon Zero, a new IP exclusive for the PlayStation 4. This game was revealed during E3 2015 Sony press conference, and mention will be released next year , Killzone different than the typical series that uses the first-person shooter genre, Dawn Horizon Zero is actually turning into a RPG with third-person view. Information is still very low, just mentioned you will play a female hunter named Aloy, who explore the world of post-appocalyptic and also the opposite of what you normally encounter in modern science fiction setting in a Killzone.

    In the Zero Horizon Dawn, Earth is considered to have suffered destruction, modern cities covered plants thrive, nature has taken over a forgotten civilization, and the man seemed to go back to prehistoric times. But in contrast with it, it turns out people still supported by advanced technology. They are not creatures that dominated the earth, yet technologically advanced machine that is now at the top of the food chain. Finally the man was living in tribal communities, in small groups that are still influenced by the customs and traditions, and they survive by hunting creatures (in our opinion, deserve also called monster) that is shaped like a dinosaur, but it is made from the machine.

    There is a word hunt, and also beings with a shape reminiscent of a dinosaur. During the game you will find out how the machine creatures dominate the world, and what their goals are, and how the fate of a civilization that existed before the man who now live in small groups. The answer will be found when you find an ancient relic and a mysterious building encountered during the game.

    Aloy here became one of the members of tribal communities are told in the game, he was just learning to hunt down the machine. Want to uncover the many mysteries that enveloped him, Aloy travel that actually makes finding his own destiny. Throughout his adventures, he will meet a monster machine, there are groups, there are wandering alone, but all of them into a dangerous threat. You need to recognize the habits, patterns of attack, and their weak points to be saved if they were aware of the existence Aloy. And because the focus hunting, you can take advantage of the environment described behitu lush and beautiful, implement stealth, move quickly, to outwit prey and kill them without them realizing the characters.

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