Intel Core i5 655K - quick review

  • Have you read our previous article about the Intel Core i7 875K? Codename Lynnfield processor is indeed quite unique. The uniqueness of this processor is located on the processor multiplier unlocked. Typically, you will only find this feature in the Intel series "Extreme Edition" and this series is usually sold at a fantastic price of US $ 999.

    Intel Core i7 875K itself is sold at a price range of US $ 350-375. With this price range, you (especially overclockers) can feel the feature series "Extreme Edition" with a more affordable price (of course its performance can not be compared because of differences in price are quite far away).

    If Intel Core i7 875K is still relatively expensive for you, Intel has another solution, namely the Intel Core i5 655K. With a selling price range of around US $ 216 making it the cheapest Intel processors with unlocked multiplier in the LGA1156 socket. Why do we mention the LGA1156 socket? Because there are more affordable at Intel socket LGA775 Pentium E6500K in. Unfortunately processor is only sold in China. Moreover, socket LGA775 processors belonging old and is still using the old architecture.

    Intel Core i5 655K is priced at a cheaper price does have a lower specification than the Core i7 875K. However, because it is based on Clarkdale processors, the Core i5 655K has several advantages that are not owned by the Core i7 875K.

    Intel Core i5 655K, together with other Clarkdale processors, these processors have been using 32 nm fabrication process. Typically, the lower the fabrication process, the processor has a power consumption and lower working temperature. In addition, the Clarkdale processors have been added AES-NI instructions that will speed up the process of encrypting a file. Core i5 655K also features on-chip graphics card that is embedded adjacent to the processor chip. Featured Turbo Boost Technology is also present on the Core i5 655K. Meanwhile, make the hyperthreading feature dual-core processor looks like a quad-core processor in the Windows Task Manager.

    In Clarkdale processors, chips and chip graphics processor will share the use of the TDP. For example, the Core i5 655K, when the processor chip and chip graphics card is active, the chip will use a TDP of 73 Watt. However, if you use an add-on graphics card, graphics card chip on Clarkdale processors will be turned off and make Clarkdale processors TDP reduced. TDP rest unused by chip graphics card, will be used solely by the processor chip. This makes the processor chip can work faster. We will show the performance difference when only active processor chip and when the processor chip and chip graphics card active.

    From the table above specifications, the Core i5 655K have similar specifications with Core i5 650. The difference between the two processors is only located in the unlocked multiplier on the Core i5 655K. Core i5 650 is priced at US $ 176 price range, while the Core i5 655K priced at around US $ 216. So, is quite feasible to add US $ 40 for ease of overclocking?

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