Review Idol Street online games

  • idol Street is one of the newest online games from LYTO Datarindo Fortuna who helped enliven the game online market. Online games are launched (Open Beta) on May 28, is quite inspiring curiosity online gamers. Maybe some gamers have heard the name but never played. In this article, the latest edition GameBuzz will try to review this online game for you.

    Idol Street is a 3D virtual game that puts Music, Fashion and Dance. Where players can relax and enjoy the music, dance with movements like the original professional dancer, to shop and dress up like a Superstar. Coupled with quality 3D graphics are nearing REAL or as the original figure. So the players can create and shape their character models according to the desired taste.

    although other similar online games is already ever present here, namely Come Dance. But, for Idol Street is packed with interesting and has some distinctive.

    Some of the main features and interesting in this game, namely:
    1. There are REAL Metropolitan Municipality, accompanied by a wide range of facilities.
    2. Various locations dance that can be played along with up to 30 players.
    3. There is some variation Clothes from the previous to the current design.
    4. Movement Dance which is in the direct capture of examples of professional dancers
    5. There are various types of music Up To Date.
    6. Video Chatting to expand the community and know better the friend - friends.
    7. And so on.

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