review games - East India Company

  • As in the title, we were taken to the era in which the nations of Europe to find a new world for a trade and expand their territory. Imagining a world dominated by multinational companies. A world subjugated by satisfaction for profit, where global trade route heavy, full of struggle and self-sufficient over the pirate attacks or perhaps a giant cargo ship.

    All were found in game East India Company. Games that focuses on the years 1600 to 1750. Do not leave things that accompany and fill in the history of this game, we will start as one of the CEOs of the eight Kompany consisting of Britain, France, the Netherlands, Spain, the Roman Empire, Denmark, Sweden and Portugal, each of which is based in the central port their country of origin, and the rapid expansion necessary to strengthen parts of the Indian subcontinent to the trade, with trade, diplomacy and even loot valuable port

    This game only has three things: war, diplomacy and trade. Each port trade selling goods such as spices, silk and tea. By bringing the stuff home and we will be able to obtain little benefit yourself. The economy is in constant flux, however, and the principles of supply and demand affect the price at the port each port. We can choose four categories of game, which is for single player can play the campaign mode, or instant battle and multiplayer mode.

    If you are interested to enter into freight transport small things, then we can choose the goods cargo manually, or set the items to be loaded onto the ship were sent to one of the ports that we are heading, but if we are quick to feel bored to control manually we also can adjust the game settings to change the manual-trade into auto-trade. No significant difference in the recovery of automatic or manual mode, just as long as you keep an eye on finances through profit and loss are obtained through screen graphics.

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