Split/Second PC Review

  • Racing games have always had their own communities. Gamers who love the detail racing games tend to choose the type of simulation, with various realities complexity offered. While other gamers prefer the arcade racing that offer different shades. And Split / Second is intended for fans of arcade racing like destruction.

    Hear the word of arcade racing and destruction, which may arise in the minds of gamers first is Burnout series. Of course it is not wrong, and when it tried the game Split / Second the first time, chances are you will be reminded of the game made the Criterion Studios. This is because at a glance Split / Second offers and stage environment very similar to the Burnout series.

    In this game we will follow a Reality TV Show, where we as the contestants will take part in a racing event in a variety of settings of different places. Just like NFS or Burnout series, this game takes place in the main urban areas. But the difference is, every city which is the stage in this game has been designed specifically so that it will have a huge effect to defeat our opponents.


    One of the main features of Split / Second that distinguishes this game with other games similar feature is the Power Play! By using the Power Play we will be able to blow up special items to crush our opponents, dropped the barrel of explosives from a helicopter or bulldozers move to grab the opponent's car. We can even demolish buildings which then can override our opponents.

    As already noted above, in game one of the mainstays of our weapons to defeat the enemy is the stage itself. That is because by using the Power Play we not only can destroy items in the stage, we can also change the route that will go through. For example by destroying a building, it will open a shortcut and make our opponents confused others.

    In this game we will be able to fill the bar Power Play us in various ways, such as doing Drifting, Jumping and Drafting she was in the car behind the opponent. Power Play Once we've filled then we will be able to activate it. The bigger the Power Play which we get the more phenomenal effects will also be produced. But we also have to choose the right timing in using the Power Play this, because if it is too fast it will be easily avoided by the enemy. Even if not careful, the Power Play that we have can destroy our own car. Silliness like this many times I feel in this game.

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