PS4 Vote to Play features

  • Sony continues to spoil the gamer, both gamers PS3, PS4 and PS3 with a variety of features as well as other benefits. This time, Sony confirmed an interesting feature that can be used by gamers around the world, including asia without exception through Vote to Play. Is that?

    In short, Vote to Play This is a new feature that is given to the Sony PS Plus members to choose free PS4 games that can be found every month on PSN. This feature alone can already be used from the date of August 13, 2015 yesterday. Later, the game that get the most votes will get a chance to get listed in the Free Game are available in the next month!

    PS Plus members can cast their vote by logging in to PS4 using their PSN account and access links to Play Vote in the “What’s New”, “Notification” or on the PS Store when the voting begins. During the voting period lasts, you can see where the games are already getting the most votes or change the game already in the previous-vote.

    Vote for the first round to Play takes place from August 13 2015 to August 24, 2015 for the next three games. Announcement of games that get the most votes will be announced on August 26, 2015. Well, the game that get the most votes will be added to the list of Free Games that can be obtained by members of PS Plus on September 3. Interestingly, during the first wave of this, two other games you can get a discount of 30% for 3 September to 16 September. Interesting is not it?

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