You can now download Need For Speed No Limits

  • Just like its iOS version, only in the Netherlands and Taiwan PlayStore only this game can be downloaded. You can enter the address of this game in the store each platform we provide below for the Indonesian region. But most likely you will not find it. Another option, we give a special way to "outsmart" the region boundaries and can download them, or simply wait for EA to release it more widely to other areas.

    Because the focus freemium with monetization that seems to run through the "opportunity" to play more often by selling fuel, EA Need for Speed ​​stuffing No Limits with many options to customize.provided more than 250 also can you find the combination of parts, including body kit licensed from Rocket Bunny, Mad Mike, and Vaughn Gittin Jr. ".

    And fuel, if you look at it from the positive side, the feature is there to limit your playing time. We ve not tired of constantly looking at the screen smartphone / tablet? However if you are already desperate to play constantly, restrictions that could run out of fuel and hinder players to be able to spur kept the car in this game can be shortened to purchase in-app purchase (IAP). Not only fuel you know who sold, avatars, car customization, or to dispose of the ad, and get powerful items that are guaranteed to make you more powerful than other drivers, all of them have to pay.

    For this beta version, have been run, and obviously to get feedback from those who have already downloaded the Need For Speed ​​No Limits and feel these limits. Then there should also be an online feature race, which so far has not been opened, because it is only in a few countries this game can be played officially.

    Special iOS, you can access it from iTunes Dutch here. Or, read the guide below to outsmart the region boundaries iTunes.

    Or, yes there are other options download Need For Speed ​​No Limits, particularly for the Android version. Below are some links to download the .apk file and its .obb offline, you can install the Android folder and copy it to the internal storage-obb in your Android.

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