The benefits of jumping 2 minutes a day

  • Children are happy to jump, but skipping activities also there is no harm done by adults. This activity is recommended because the jump for two minutes in a single day can reduce the risk of bone loss or osteoporosis.

    Researchers from Loughborough University said, jumping to strengthen the hip bones in older people and reducing the risk of fracture if dropped. Researchers found in bone density in the return leg after a routine jump someone for a year.

    This study evidenced by the study subjects 34 men aged 65-80 years who participated in the training jump. During one year, the respondents were asked not to change food habits and physical activity.

    The result, after a CT scan looks for changes in bone density at the feet of those who regularly hopping than not. By reducing the risk of osteoporosis, the risk of hip fracture decreased.

    One of the researchers from Loughborough University's National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine (NCSEM), physician Sarah Allison say, a hip fracture is the most common problem in the elderly. As people age bone density was thinning. Hip fractures not only lowers the quality of life of sufferers but also need heavy medical treatment.

     "We know exercise can increase bone strength and so we want to test a form of exercise that is easy and fast for them to do at home," said Sarah.

    Winston physician radiologist Rennie said bone density showed significant changes after skipping motion. Therefore, an important exercise carried out by anyone.

    However, jumping movement in the elderly should be done with caution. Make sure the first to go to the doctor, if you are still safe to do the jumping motion

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