Sonic Lost World is confirmed for PC

  • One of the best Sonic game revived by Sega. Sonic Lost World that were previously only available for the Nintendo Wii U, will be ported to the Windows PC. Games that became the sequel Sonic Colors also take reference from Super Mario Galaxy, with a setting round, and there is also a level where Sonic runs in a tube or pipe with a viewing angle of his back. For the PC version of this, a bit of updating the PC version of Sega's so displayed in landscape widescreen, supports HD resolution, there is a Steam achievement, cloud save, as well as a leaderboard for each level. Sonic Lost World PC also supports control via gamepad and keyboard and mouse. Nightmare DLC content that was previously only bundled with Six Deadly version of this game for the Nintendo Wii U, also can directly play, complete with stage, boss, and the strength of Black Bomb referring to the same power of other Sega games, Nights into Dreams. But because this is not for the Nintendo platform, the DLC in reference to the world of Yoshi's Island and The Legend of Zelda is not included.

    Sonic Lost World PC version was released Nov. 2 only digitally only, and you can get it at a price of about 20 dollars. In addition, you are ordered beginning its PC version is also going to get Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed for free.

    In this game, when the pursuit of his nemesis Doctor Eggman, Sonic hedgehog achieve a world that is called Lost Hex, where there actually Eggman find a greater evil force called Deadly Six. When Deadly Six (they look below) rebelled, even Sonic and Eggman are forced to work together to stop them so the planet does not get destroyed.

    Sonic game as we know, you control Sonic the Hedgehog gameplay that take place in the diverse world of design is similar to the world that never existed in the classic Sonic games. The concept of own level ranging from a 2D side-scrolling gameplay, which invites Sonic fast-moving linearly through the route which has been fixed, up to a 3D world wide as in Super Mario Galaxy. Due to the implementation of these two gameplay concepts, the developer incorporate control mechanisms are different for each leveln. If you are pressing the d-pad, will make Sonic moving at a moderate pace, still allows us to set every maneuver. While holding down the trigger will make it run faster, plus the pressure of the trigger allows Sonic Spin Dash uses motion.

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