Fase CBT Royal Master!

  • As we already know, some publishers are already preparing new games to be released in the 2015's. One is Megaxus, which is ready to release one of the games that have been confirmed last year, Royal Master. Well, after previously only provide a teaser that the game is ready to be released in the month of March 2015, this time Megaxus finally confirmed schedule CBT phase Royal Master!

    Yes, CBT phase of the Royal Master will soon be rolled out on March 30, 2015 which will come! This is confirmed by Megaxus at fanpage as well as its official website. Unfortunately, up to this writing there has been no further confirmation of Megaxus regarding the duration of the game, called CBT phase combines RPG and RTS gameplay is.

    Of several trailers that have been released, it looks like the Royal Master will be one of the contenders DragonNest in the action RPG genre. One of the interesting features offered by the Royal Master is the Soul features that can help you to pass the existing dungeons plus also some RTS elements that enrich the gameplay. Additionally, the features that come with video tutorials will help new players to complete various quests are provided.

    Over the past few days, Megaxus began to provide "warm up" with the introduction of the other features of this game in his official fanpage. One is the Daily Dungeon, a special dungeon that has a variety of different difficulty levels depending on dungeon level and is generally in the form of one piece of map -great or print- and 1 boss. Every day, folders and a boss who would you be opposed to change.

    Interested to try Royal Master? Meanwhile enjoy the first trailers that have been released and also register yourself on his official website. you can also prepare your PC or your laptop to play this game to adjust to the required specifications according to the picture below.

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